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Photo credit: Samuel Lang Budin

Based out of Brooklyn, NY

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Ivana is a documentary filmmaker from Bratislava, Slovakia.

Her thesis short documentary film Mothers and Daughters (2015), a family portrait of 4 generations of women, was distributed by KineDok and screened in more than 60 venues around Europe. Shortly after graduating, Ivana co-founded Mirakl, O.Z. - a collective of young documentary filmmakers from Bratislava, where she worked as the development producer for a feature documentary film about the unjust social system in Eastern Slovakia, Yours Sincerely, Social System (2019). The film was selected for the Ex Oriente 2017 workshop and awarded the IDFA Forum Award at the East Doc Platform 2017 in Prague.

In 2017, Ivana moved to New York to be one of the UnionDocs' 2017 Collaborative Studio Fellows. She also participated in the IDFAcademy 2017 in Amsterdam and was awarded a 2018 fellowship at IFP's Made in NY Media Center (sponsored by the Mayor's department of Media and Entertainment).

Her latest collaboration, a short documentary film Into My Life (2018), had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival 2018 in New York, competed in the short films' competitions at Toronto's Hot Docs 2018 and 20+ festivals around the world, received the Best Documentary Short 2018 Award at the Reels Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival & Lecture Series (NYC) and premiered on POV Shorts Program (PBS).

Ivana spent a year at Prague's FAMU and holds a master's degree in documentary film from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.
She currently works as a freelance documentary director, editor, producer and journalist both in Europe and the U.S.
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