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Born and raised in Slovakia
Based in Bratislava, Slovakia and Brooklyn, NY

I am Ivana - documentary filmmaker (director, editor, producer & DOP) from Bratislava, Slovakia.

Much of my work as a filmmaker centers around stories of women and female identified persons with a fondness for family archives and feminist issues. My mission is to elevate and celebrate these voices as well as curiously look for stories, beauty and creativity through film and artistic collaboration with likeminded friends and artists.
In recent years I've also been focusing my attention to activism, social and systematic injustice, or making space for the marginalized in order to bring attention to important underrepresented issues.

I believe in film as a powerful tool for telling impactful stories and a way to actively bring around change and progress.

Contact me with any inquires!

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︎︎Brooklyn, NY
Phone: +1 (929) 229-9473

︎︎Bratislava, Slovakia
Phone: + 421 911 020 699