feature documentary film
Development Producer (2015-2017)

Cast: Nikolas, Viliam, Jana, Gejza
Director: Martin Tokár
Producer - Mirakl: Ivana Hucíková
Producer - Nutprodukcia: Jakub Viktorín
Cinematography: Stanislav Adam, Martin Tokár
Editor: Jakub Fišer , Martin Tokár
Music: Dominik Dolejší
Sound: Dominik Dolejší, Michal Džadoň, Samuel Perunko, Zoe Sun, Sergej Dolgoš
Produced by: Nutprodukcia, Mirakl
Runtime: 54 min
Premiered on RTVS: 2020

Documentary film about a social worker from Benin (Africa), fighting the absurdness of the social system in Eastern Slovakia, where he feels more at home than most of the local people.

Yves Nicolas Ogou came to Slovakia 25 years ago from the African country of Benin to study medicine, without knowing where he was actually going or for how long. Today he feels more at home in Slovakia than some of the local citizens he works with.

Dedicating his life and work to help others in need, Ogua struggles every day to show these people that the system can have a human face, while dealing with the never-ending bureaucracy at the same time. By giving it all to those who need him the most, he is slowly being absorbed by the system himself.
The program for social workers that used to provide him his financial support has been changed and he recently found himself unemployed.

The fight for those in need becomes the fight for the survival of his family and lifetime work. Can he still take care of the local socially disadvantaged people and his family at the same time? Is it possible for a foreigner to change the social system in Slovakia or will the system eventually change him?

© Ivana Hucíková 2021