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documentary TV series
Creative Producer

Creative Producer: Ivana Hucíková
Monika Loštáková, Simona Hrušovská, Zuzana Jankovičová
Produced by: Superfilm
Broadcaster: RTVS
Runtime: 52 min./episode
Planned premiere: 2023

“In the past all history has been made by men. At the present time, when women are beginning to take part in the affairs of the world, it is still a world that belongs to men – they have no doubt of it at all and women have scarcely any.”
(The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir)

Documentary series for television Invisible History of Women revisits the last 100 years of women's rights and struggles in Slovakia. Each episode explores women's lives from the perspective of universal themes like body image, political representation, sexuality and gender identity or violence, and examines the continued need for change.

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